For Men Only


Let’s face it; many of us were never encouraged to seek help, especially involving our FEELINGS or RELATIONSHIPS. It’s almost like a foreign language, being so lost we don’t even know where to start or what questions to ask. I have helped men navigate the deep despair of grief and loss, porn/sex addiction, substance abuse, depression, and marital/relationship problems.

You Have a Voice

What I have found is that men have a lot to say and offer, but just get stuck in their heads or have learned to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. The problem with this is we walk around burying our needs and desires deep within, to our own disadvantage. Have you been told, “YOU HAVE AN ATTITUDE PROBLEM,” “You’re so mean!” or “You never TALK to me.”

All these comments indicate you may be experiencing resentment, depression, or anxiety due to a lack of assertiveness. This is only one facet I engage when working with men; I help you find your voice.

What if you knew your relationships and life would immediately improve if you challenged the urge to remain silent and allowed your voice to be heard? I’m not talking about some pompous, egotistical rant; but a heartfelt expression of your soul. I know it’s in there. Your loved ones need this part of you in their lives; it is one of the greatest gifts you have to offer.

How Do We Get THERE?

So how do we get from where you are to where you want to be?

Great question! I will listen to your story, how you were raised, and understand how your upbringing and experiences molded you. What I have found is many of the bad habits we find ourselves in today were developed long ago, even during our childhood and adolescence. Once these patterns and thought processes are identified, then they can be targeted for eradication.

I will help you determine when you need to challenge your tendency to keep the peace. I look for emotional disturbances like anger, anxiety, irritability, and isolation as indicators that a situation or interaction has violated a boundary or personal value.

These are the times when you must step up and challenge the urge to be quiet–to take a chance on yourself and an opportunity to go deeper in your relationships.

Let’s Tackle Men’s Issues now!

I offer individual and group formats to tackle men’s issues. I have found group work to be very beneficial in working with men. Groups offer insight that can’t be developed by any other means.

Benefits of working with me are increased confidence, being more approachable, gaining empathy, more emotional balance, and improved relationships. If you are ready to end the suffering, don’t delay.