Individual Counseling

Take Action

You have felt like an outsider most of your life. When you were younger there were stints of time when you felt like you had arrived, only to realize months later that nothing had really changed. You feel like “Less Than” everybody else. Not good enough, smart enough or interesting enough. This burden has effected your relationships, been detrimental to your growth and has you feeling stuck.

Question is, “What are you going to do about it?”  Call now at 772-252-9318

Entering my Office 

I am sensitively aware of the anxiety and fear entering a therapy office may bring for you so, I approach you with a warm conversational tone. Although my process is direct, it  is more natural for my clients as they are allowed to work comfortably at their own pace. The first few sessions we will work on you telling your story, specifically focusing on the issues that brought you into treatment. You and I will then develop a collaborative plan that will help you achieve your goals.

What to Expect

I use books, videos, movies, bible studies and articles to help you develop knowledge and skills, so you can use them to “Change your own tire the next time it is flat. “ What I mean is I will help you to develop the tools and skills needed in your life on a daily basis, during and after therapy.

Call now at 772-252-9318

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