Individual Therapy

Benefits—Once You Make the Decision

Just the thought of sitting down with a relative stranger, sharing your deepest wounds and intimate experiences, can cause anxiety, fear, and doubt. Emotional problems, grief, substance-abuse, and self-image issues can all be successfully processed during individual therapy.

My Style

I have a “conversational” approach that doesn’t seem like “therapy”. It’s more like a conversation among friends. I’ll be the expert with all the techniques, and you be the expert on your story and process. It’s a collaborative effort.

Helping my clients develop more insight, owning their responsibilities for the problems, and guiding them to use proven techniques that lead to change will allow them to build the lives they want. I use assessments, surveys, and proven techniques which help to tease out the foundation of your problems.

Decide You Are Worth It

What I’ve discovered is that the lack of self-awareness and self-acceptance are at the root of many problems.

Loving yourself and finding positive attributes about yourself can be the start of healing.

If you would like to increase your self-confidence, develop more direction, and improve your interpersonal relationships, I’ve helped numerous clients do just that. It won’t be easy, but well worth the journey.