Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a good thing!

I love doing group therapy sessions. You know a group is working when group members begin to challenge and empathize with each other. Many people, both therapists and clients, see groups as complicated; to me they are like a family or relationship among friends.

Deep friendships can be formed in this setting, because the groups are based on a common experience. The issue could be self-image, substance abuse, men’s issues, or intimacy in relationships. The topic doesn’t matter. Everyone in the group will be challenged to share their experiences, struggles, and wishes.

The Big Win!

What you will realize is that “You are not the ONLY ONE!”

You will hear similarities in the stories of others, gain support, and be challenged to improve by positive peer pressure. The crazy thing is, the group belongs to the PARTICIPANTS–not the therapist.

The therapist’s role is that of a facilitator.

Initially, I will maintain more control of the activities and content. As the group develops and becomes a safe environment to share and explore, the members take more control. It is a beautiful experience that it is through the collaborative work of the members and the therapist that brings healing, growth, and insight. For many it can be the one component that has been missing in their therapeutic journey.

Gender- or addiction-focused groups can be a very effective part of a client’s progress in therapy. I have personally witnessed the benefits group work can have on clients; the unique gains received are not achievable any other way.

Check out the groups below for more information. I’m also open to suggestions!

Self-Esteem Group

Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, and apathy find their root in poor self-esteem. This issue is pervasive and will affect not only how you see yourself but also inhibit your ability to carrying on meaningful relationships.

Authentic Manhood

Men are isolated, frustrated and many lack the knowledge to live successful lives. We’re not just talking about making money and having a job or career. This is about living a life that leaves a heritage, helps you to be a better father, husband and friend. We do this group together and draw on the years of experience in the room.