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Who do you think you are 3

In this group we will answer the following questions from a biblical worldview:

  1. What are some basic problems that come from low self-esteem?
  2. How important is a healthy self-concept?
  3. Two biggest lies that contribute to low self-esteem.
  4. What the Bible says about self-worth?
  5. God’s TRUTH concerning self-concept?

A major problem of our time is an epidemic of low self-esteem expressed in the form of self-doubt and self-hate.  A sense of being without worth lies at the root of almost all PROBLEMS. Our actions, feelings and even abilities are consistent with this self-image.
We act like the person we perceive ourselves to be.  Our self-image is the key to our development and behavior. Many of our past and present problems stem from a low self-esteem. The good news is that, with God’s instructions and power you can live a guilt free life. This group was develop from an article written by Dr. Steven C. Riser.


Authentic Manhood

Series 33

This group is based on the information and concepts made popular by the late Robert Lewis. Each session builds on the knowledge and foundation laid by the prior session. There are currently 7 volumes to this interactive study that includes vignettes, real-life stories and a workbook that helps you to develop a plan for your life day one. The areas discussed are: Man and His Design, Man and His Story, and Man and His Marriage just to name a few. Come out and join us. Check out PREVIEW video below. Call us at 772-252-9318 to sign up!