Helping married and committed couples “reconnect emotionally.”

Systemic approach that uncovers the source of communication and intimacy problems.

Lovingly Honest

So, you feel like “two ships passing in the night”, the sparks have faded, and you are wondering how to regain what has been lost. Constant arguments, isolation, feeling uncomfortable, disconnected, wanting to improve your relationship but don’t know how. You are in the right place.

Challengingly Rewarding

Reengaging emotionally is like taking a blind fall from a balcony, trusting that someone will catch you. The fear, doubt and struggle are real but pushing through these barriers will give way to new insight and an existence that you have never known. The investment you have made in your relationship thus far proves that you can be committed, the question is will you be relegated to an unfulfilled life. Reconnecting emotionally will not just give you what has been lost, but will develop a richer relational experience that cannot be developed any other way.

Expectantly Focused

Ineffective communication, lack of intimacy and isolation work havoc on a relationship and don’t happen overnight. Relationships die by “a million unresolved stings” over a long period of time, oh and by the way, some big sting too.

With commitment and consistent work, you can rebuild your relationship from the foundations and start making deposits that can be drawn from in the future. It’s about being “naked and unashamed” before your beloved and knowing you are accepted just as you are. When both partners feel this way, and can abandon all masks true intimacy and connection are developed.

So where do you go from here? If you can admit to each other that it is time to regain a meaningful connection and that not acting now will continue the damage, increasing the void between you, pick up the phone and get things sorted out.

Next Step

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