Couples Therapy

Referee or Coach

I look at couple’s therapy as if I’m a referee or coach. It’s hard to find an environment where both parties are treated fairly. I’ve witnessed the damage that a therapist can leave when they choose sides during therapy sessions.

It’s all about the Relationship.

My therapy client in couple’s therapy is your relationship. Although one person may be the offending party, whether it be lack of communication or infidelity, my job is to find out how you’re communicating and try to improve your connection.

The improvement of your emotional connection creates the right atmosphere for you both to invest in your relationship in the way that causes it to flourish. From the first day you walk into my office, my point of view is: There is not one “Bad Guy” in the relationship, both of you are.

How do we address the relationship?

Initially, I want to hear your story, how you met, when your difficulties began, and if you have tried other methods to correct the issues. I also offer assessments that can help fine-tune the focus of therapy and help you both articulate goals.

Although the work in the therapy room is important, I will give you meaningful assignments and homework to complete during the week that will help you use the skills learned in session in your daily life.

Results are possible.

The benefits of working with me can be crystallized into: increased intimacy, better communication, a stronger emotional connection, and improved relational balance.

These benefits will help you to live in a way that brings blessings to those you touch. The growth developed will also allow you to give out of abundance instead of lack. Other byproducts are a more loving home, more energy for the things you enjoy, and excitement for the future TOGETHER.