Starting a Therapy Relationship can be Challenging

Starting a therapy relationship can be nerve racking . . . sharing your deepest pain, difficulties and failures is challenging work. I realized a while ago that a treatment relationship is STILL a relationship. The depth and trust develop in therapy relationships like all others. A client coming in to treatment who is open, motivated to work and aware of what they want to accomplish seem to have an easier time disclosing their experiences. That’s not to say that if you are not fully aware or motivated that counseling won’t help. As a therapist I join with you, become a part of your life to help you heal and eventually thrive. So how do I do this. I help you gain insight, challenge negative behavior and thought processes and help you build skills that develop balance in your life.

Meet Marty he’s a married 28-year-old who has been struggling with drug addiction since he was a teen. He has been in and out of rehab and has never been able to maintain his sobriety. He has the support of his wife, but she is losing patience and has given him an ultimatum, “Get clean or I’m outta here!” He wants to get sober for her, but he doesn’t know how, he realizes if he continues down this road that he may soon find his life ended by an unintended overdose like so many of his friends. He decides deep within himself that he will do whatever it takes this time. He will commit to a sponsor, attend meetings, find a therapist and go to rehab again, whatever it takes to make it this time. This will be the start of his meaningful journey and, so he makes the call.

This is only an example of the types of issues that therapy can address. Don’t wait another minute, make the call NOW!

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