Why Addiction Treatment DOESN’T Work!

I did that!

So, you completed a six-month treatment program, you feel good about your progress and you’re actually thinking inside, “I’m fixed!” You maintained sobriety, developed social supports and now it’s time for you to get back to your life. You’ve learned a lot about yourself and others and feel that your treatment program is complete. Not too fast! What most don’t understand about addiction treatment is that the treatment environment makes up for a huge percentage of the progress. Once removed from this supportive environment, the client usually loses steam and goes back to old ways. So how does one continue to progress and remain sober?

I Got This.

Knowledge is not everything! Many of those who struggle with addiction have all the right answers, the problem is not the lack of knowledge, but application. Although it’s important that a client understands they’re responsible for the behavior, many will need help years into recovery to remain sober. Maybe you’ve thought, “I got this”, but soon found out that in your hard times including; relationship difficulty, job problems and family issues that all the knowledge in the world can’t help. The emotional content involved in life, in our day-to-day struggle, overcomes what we know is best and brings us back to a life we don’t want. It is in these times that we need others, to help us with clarity, to be a listening ear, and to confront us when needed.

The Missing Link

So how do we fix this? Just as addiction treatment facilities are an integral part of recovery, community must increase in its importance in the life of a recovering addict. Community is the missing link! Clients must be integrated into a supportive system that lives and breathes as a part of their normal life. One must understand that the process of recovery is not navigate alone. The community support that one needs is not just about recovery it’s about living a balanced life. Human beings are meant to live in community, a lot of the problems in life, if navigated with help in a loving relationship, one can work through, without going back to your addiction, which is the point. You may feel that you can’t do it on your own, you would be correct! Take a look at the brief video below that explains, through research, why community is so important. Johann Hari exposes the truth about the importance of community, please see this short video for more information. Click NOW!

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