Changing the World One Life at a Time.

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Therapy for REAL People

So, you have finally decided to move forward in your life but unsure where to start. You have heard all the “talking heads” and are looking for a helper that can relate to you. This can be a daunting task but to delay any longer just prolongs your difficulty. I am Empathetic, Honest and Sensitive to your needs, I work with clients experiencing emotional problems, substance abuse issues, relationship difficulties and grief. I work with couples, individuals and small groups, specializing in developing intimacy, men’s issues, communication skills and self-esteem.

Like Old Friends

Like your first day at a new job, starting a therapeutic relationship can cause a great deal of anxiety and fear. I have a conversational approach that will help you to relax, before long you will feel like we are old friends. Don’t take this to mean that the process will be a walk in the park.  I use a practical approach that focuses on getting you results from day one. If you have been struggling with the lack of clarity, frustration, lack of enjoyment or lack of focus, I can help you to start developing a course for your life.

Opportunity and Preparedness

Admitting that you need assistance in working through your problems is the first step to getting better. Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and trust issues don’t develop overnight, it will take consistent behavior and thought changes to develop the life you want. I use a systemic approach to that will get down to the root of your problems and will help you to develop the skills to prevent the issues from reoccurring. My job is to help you become your best advocate. Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet, I have the perfect opportunity, “Are you Ready to Move?”

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Hi, I’m Odie! cropped-odieandersonheadshot-10.jpg

So, you have had a nagging feeling for quite some time. You should be happy, you’ve landed your dream job have a beautiful family and home, but you feel numb and disconnected. Since a close loved one died several years ago you have been carrying a load of guilt and shame for not being there for them. You blame yourself for the death and can’t shake thoughts of worthlessness and apathy about life. Believing that you don’t deserve anything good. Your family has noticed the change and you don’t know how to get yourself out of the hole you are in.

Deciding to get help is essential in starting to put your life back together.

EMPATHETIC, SENSITIVE and ENGAGING, I will meet you where you are. First, I will focus on learning the thought process that developed this pattern, I will encourage you to process the loss productively and finally I will help you to reengage and take advantage of the blessings you have in your life. Living a life that honors the memory of the loved one you lost.

Changing the World One Life at a Time.

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