Hi, I’m Odie!

I work with couples, individuals, and small groups experiencing emotional problems, substance abuse issues, relationship difficulties, and grief. I specialize in developing intimacy, men’s issues, communication skills, and self-esteem.

Deciding to get help is essential.
I’m an empathetic helper. Let’s get started.

Therapy for REAL people. Real people like Georgie.

Georgie has finally decided to move forward in his life, but is unsure where to start. He is looking for a helper that can relate. At one time, he was happy and enjoyed his life; but the responsibilities, bills, and work have left very little time to unwind and reflect.

Georgie loves his wife and two daughters, but doesn’t have the emotional energy at the end of the day to really connect with them. His wife Sue tries to reach him; Georgie is lost in his own head and just wants to be left alone. He feels like a hamster in a cage, running on a wheel with no end in sight. He doesn’t know how long he will last.


Like Old Friends

Entering the office, Georgie is noticeably nervous and guarded, which is expected. He has never attempted anything like this before. I greet him with a warm smile and handshake, and we take our seats.

Georgie begins to share his story, describing how his life has begun to unravel. He feels lost and empty. As he honestly shares his experiences, he senses a weight is being lifted from his shoulders.

Although his journey has just started, he is gaining hope that things can change.

Opportunity and Preparedness

Admitting that you need assistance in working through your problems is the first step to
getting better. Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and trust issues don’t develop overnight.
It will take consistent behavior and thought changes to develop the life you want.

Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet. I have the perfect
opportunity; “Are you Ready to Move?”